While We’re talking About Taboos – What about the D word?

By Val Boyko • October 20th, 2010

I’ve been speaking to friends whose Mothers have passed, and have interviewed several women who wanted to talk about their mother relationship while she was alive, and how it is now that she is dead.

I have found these conversations to be poignant, touching, funny, sad, reassuring and uplifting!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and stories.

As some of you well know, I can be a blunt Scot. I value speaking the truth and facing what’s real. We can’t hide from the fact that our mothers are most likely to die before us, and there may be issues that we need to address so we can come to a place of acceptance…. and hopefully peace.

Once we get over our cultural taboo and fear about dying and death, I find there is a rich and wonderful place of learning, connection and inspiration.
There is so much that we can learn from other women here. Some got interrupted before they were able to find peace. Others found peace in the process of caring for an aging frail mother.

Most of us will face this in our lives, and so it’s something that I would like to bring to our community.
For our own awareness and growth, as well as preparing us for what lies ahead. The voices of women whose mothers are dead are worth hearing, and I would love to find a way for you to share and be heard here.

There I’ve said it!

Are we too fragile for this? Are you ready to hear what others want to say about the experience and impact of a mothers’ death?


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