THE Question to ask Next Time You Get Triggered – video tip

By Val Boyko • July 14th, 2011

Here’s a great mini chapter from Brian Johnson’s Philosophers Notes on what to ask when you get super critical and a button is pushed!

“Notice when you’re being super critical of other people and know that you’re just observing something within YOU that you need to address.Then celebrate the opportunity to grow as you count how many fingers are pointing back at you, attend your own lectures, and ask: “How am I that?!”

It isn’t easy to shift our attention from the other person towards ourselves. Especially when it is something that we have been hiding or denying for most of our life!  This takes new courage to look at ourselves without judgment. Coming from a place of curiosity and acceptance of our human imperfection helps. If you want to explore more in this area, then please contact Val.

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