The Bottom Line in Mother Daughter Relationships

By Val Boyko • February 3rd, 2012

Sticky note to remember the bottom lineI love the humor and hope in this article! There is a bottom line in all mother daughter relationships, and sometimes a few simple changes can turn around a skewed and ailing relationship.

“A great many mother daughter relationships feel about as healthy as a swig of beer coupled with a joint after downing some cough syrup with codeine. They are terribly strained for years, and end up resolving themselves to a chronic stand off usually during the daughter’s thirties or forties, where the relationship can remain steadfast and indignant for the rest of either one’s natural life. How depressing.

The much less depressing news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. In some cases, it takes a lot of effort, but not always. Sometimes just a few simple changes can completely turn around a skewed and ailing relationship between the women of the family.

open your heartThe bottom line ends up being pretty simple. Most mothers truly love their daughters. And most daughters truly love their mothers. It’s just that between all that love there is a great big heaping helping of demolish me stew and a side order of not quite good enough carrots” …. read more here

The bottom line is simple, but recognizing it and getting in touch with the loving bond between daughter and mother often takes courage.

What other kinds of dishes get in our way along with “demolish me” stew and a side order of “not quite good” enough carrots?!?

“Withdrawal” soup? … “Denial” salad … “Critical” coleslaw … “Never over or easy” eggs… “Its your fault” lasagne?


Val’s Comment: At the end of a cold spell don’t we all yearn for a heart warming dessert such as “Peaceful” pudding … “Soothing” souffle or simply enjoying a hot chocolate together. It can happen if you are ready to throw out the old meals/beliefs and take responsibility for your part in the relationship. I am here to help.




I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!


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