The First 3 Steps for Mother Whisperer Daughters

By Val Boyko • January 15th, 2011

When we started to think about the essential steps in becoming a mother whisperer, we identified 3 important keys:
1. The first is to understand who we really are, and see ourselves more clearly.

2. The second is to understand our mother and see her more clearly.

3. The third is to recognize the relationship we have now and then think about how we want it to be in a realistic way.

There is much more needed to be done as we travel on this journey. Understanding isn’t enough. Figuring it out isn’t enough. Picturing how it will be also falls short.

Bringing about change only happens when we take action and start to do things differently.

In every part of our lives, change only happens through action, otherwise it is wishful thinking or dreaming. Without action we remain stuck in the “if only ….” and remain in a situation that isn’t working for us.

To make it work, it takes work. The next steps are where we put into practice what we have learned.

We’re looking forward to working with you on them!




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