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“Are You Still Giving Your Power Away To Your Mother?” Find out by taking this quick quiz.

Denise McGregor in her book “Mama Drama” defines our power as “The ability to express ourselves as autonomous individuals.” Are you still struggling in some way for independence and self expression? If so, you are not alone!

Take the quiz below to help you to assess how you are giving your power away to your mother.


“How are your interactions with your mother these days?”

Our beliefs and attitudes have a big impact on whether change is possible in our mother relationship. These beliefs often show up in our interactions with our mothers. This quiz is taken from Norman Wright and Sheryl Wright Macauley’s book “Loving Your Mother Without Losing Your Mind.” There are no wrong or right answers here, but completing this analysis can help you see the rough spots, which is the first step in resolving them.

What beliefs do you notice you have that might be holding you back?
Is there something missing that you need, in order for you to bring about the change you want with your mother?
For example: ideas on how to start the conversation; finding the right words to use; learning new communication skills; managing your emotional reaction and buttons; learning how to handle conflict and difficult conversations in general…..


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