OMG – Did I Marry my Mother?

By Val Boyko • October 1st, 2010

Mothers have a big influence on who we choose as partners. There is a lot that is fairly obvious, based on our mothers’ personal experience and beliefs, but what if there is also something more primal going on here?

No relationship is quite as primal as the one between a mother and her daughter. It is our first intimate love relationship, and therefore has a profound affect on our later romantic relationships.
Some therapists also believe that we choose a partner who is like the parent who feels most familiar to us as children.

It makes me wonder – seriously – Did I marry my Mother?

I had thought I had married someone like my father, but in fact, it was someone who has more in common with my mother and her way of loving!

Am I out on a limb here, or can someone else relate to this…….?


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