More insights from my road trip with my mother

By Val Boyko • October 29th, 2010

In my last post I shared some personal insights from my road trip with my mother. What I’ve come to also realize is that there is an unexpected gift that I can share with you.

The gift is the full acceptance that if my mother wasn’t my mother, then I would not be who I am.

While we were together, I got a deeper understanding of who my mother is as a woman and a mother. I am grateful for who she really is because as a result, I am who I am: a more compassionate, patient, thoughtful and accepting person, who can help others to find peace within themselves too.

For me, this was a biggie to come to terms with!  What I thought was a negative has turned out to be a positive and helps me appreciate who I am, who my mother is and how our relationship can realistically be.

Getting real about our relationships with our mothers is key – and is in fact the 3rd key step for all mother whisperer daughters…..(Step 3 to follow)

What unexpected gifts have you received from your mother?


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