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  • (NEWEST) Short Takes from Iris Krasnow on I Am My Mother’s Daughter .

    I really enjoyed this book. When I came across it I realized that Iris writes about everything I want to express with Mother Whisperers. These short takes summarize her main themes. When we have the end in mind, it opens up a new way of thinking … before it’s too late. Written with humor and sharing her interviews with a wide range of women, it’s a must read! Enjoy these tips. – Click Here

  • (NEW) Become More Assertive – Make Your Voice heard.

To be assertive is to stand up for yourself, to express your true self – your feelings, your needs, your wants, your thoughts and your opinions. Assertiveness skills allow you to ask for what you want while respecting the rights of others. Find out about the 4 Communication Styles and more! – Click Here

  • buttonsLet’s Talk About Buttons!!

We all have them. Perhaps we haven’t all called them buttons.A button is a automatic reaction to a situation that comes from the unconscious mind where we have stored  experiences that upset us. Buttons are primarily linked to frustrating, aggravating, fear inducing situations from a time in the past when we were young and felt most vulnerable. Essentially when we find ourselves over reacting we should look for the button. Freeing ourselves from our button reactions, and finding peace, can only happen by looking at the button within us rather than directing our emotion against the person who has triggered it.  Click here

  • The Ways We TRY to Control Our Lives.

    A Control Pattern is any behavior or thinking habit that you use unconsciously to help you avoid feeling out of control, anxious, not knowing, foolish, or to help you avoid the risk of being criticized, controlled, judged, abandoned, rejected, ignored (or any other feared outcome). A Control Pattern helps you feel “right, safe, or comfortable” because you have not yet learned to show up  “real, unique, and open to surprise.” Control Patterns are the enemy of self-confidence and authenticity.– Click here

  • Top 5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays – Click here

speak your truth rocks

  • Gain Confidence in Speaking Your Truth.

Dr Susan Campbell shares The Authenticity Inventory: A  Practice For Having Honest Conversations and Continually Enhancing Your Confidence – Click here

These 7 key phrases give you a script for improving your communication and relationships – Click here

  • Drama Triangle – The Role of Victim, Hero and Villain in Every Conflict.

Gary Harper starts out by telling us that in classic tales, we encounter three types of characters: the victim (often portrayed as a damsel in distress or an innocent youth); the villain (a witch, giant or dragon); and the hero (the white knight or prince). We encounter these characters in our everyday life – on TV and in movies, in the workplace and at home. Because we experience our own conflicts as stories, we unconsciously adopt these roles. – Click here.


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