Interview – Mother Departed

1. Describe your relationship with your mother.

2. How would you have wanted your relationship with your Mother to be different?

3. In what ways are you and your mother alike?

4. In what ways are you and your mother different

5. What do you love about your mother?

6. Did your mother push your buttons? If so, what did she say or do that got to you?

7. What have you inherited from your mother? (e.g. physical qualities, temperament, personality traits, attitudes. beliefs about men, money, family work, etc.)

8. In what ways have these ‘inheritances’ impacted you and your life?

9. If you could have changed one thing about your mother, what would it have been?

10. If your mother could have changed one thing about you, what do you think it would have been?

11. What do you miss about your mother?

12. What action could you take to cherish the memory of your mother and bring you peace?

13. Is there anything to say that would make you feel complete? Is there anything you want to share about what you are taking from this conversation?

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