10 Questions to Reveal Your True Self

Discover your authentic self and how you express it to the world

As women we have many roles in our lives. Daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, worker, neighbor, group member and more! We may be so busy with each of these roles that we forget who we are as human beings.

Ask yourself – Who am I when I am not in relation to someone else? Who am I when I am being me?

Take some time to think through these questions. Print off this page and write down your answers. Self awareness and self knowledge is the first part of every journey in bringing about the changes we want in our lives.


1.What are the things I enjoy doing?



2. What are the things that bring me the most happiness and joy?



3. What are the 2 best moments of  my week?



4. What 3 things would I do if I won the lottery?



5. What are the issues or causes I feel deeply about?



6. What do I do at an excellent level?



7. What do I need more of that will give me a sense of fulfillment?



8. What do I value most and will not be persuaded to give up?



9. What things do I want to let go of or stop doing completely?



10. If my life was ending shortly, what would I regret not having done?

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