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  • mother and daughter talkingQuestions to consider in getting to know your mother – Click here

    Getting to know and understand our mother as a human being is part of the Mother Whisperers journey.Both daughters and mothers may have been hurt in the past, but once you have the inner strength to see her as she truly is, not who she wasn’t or who you wish she could be, then it’s time to get to know each other as people, outside of the mother daughter role.

  • Capture your mother’s story – interview tips and questions – Click here

Interviewing your mother may feel daunting. Here are some different approaches you can take, along with questions to ask.

Discover your authentic self and how you express it to the world. As women we have many roles in our lives. Daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, worker, neighbor, group member and more! We may be so busy with each of these roles that we forget who we are as human beings.

Use the Authenticity Inventory: A  Practice For Having Honest Conversations and Continually Enhancing Your Confidence by Dr Susan Campbell

  • Discover your control patterns and the ways you try to control your life – Click here

In childhood we developed ways to try to control our lives and prevent discomfort, anxiety, or feeling vulnerable to other people’s criticism, rejection, anger etc. Think of them as childhood hangovers  that become habits as adults. Susan Campbell calls them Control Patterns and describes them as “behaviors that help you feel “right, safe, or comfortable, because you have not yet learned to show up real, unique, and open.”

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    • Interested in contributing to our research into adult daughters and their mothers?

We have found in our interviews that there is much wisdom to be shared from women whose mothers have passed – whether recently or years ago. The insights and sharings are helpful for those of us who may be struggling with our own relationship now.You will find the interview questions for women whose mothers have departed here. We also want to ensure we share the challenges, insights and inspirations from women whose mothers are still her. For mothers who are still with us, the questions are here.

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