Its All About Me – She May Be My Mom, But It’s MY Peace of Mind

By Val Boyko • September 25th, 2011

Peaceful sceneWhen I want peace of mind, I try to remember that its MY peace of mind not anyone else’s.

Our peace of mind belongs to each one of us. Anything that bothers us is our issue. So, if we want to have peace of mind then its up to us to do something about it.

But where do we start to find peace of mind? (Especially when we are in conflict with mom!)

The first thing to remember is that it isn’t the trigger that causes us to get rattled, but the thoughts that we associate with it. Our peace of mind may be triggered by external circumstances, but the conflict  is within our own mind. And that’s where we must start. Trying to “fix” our Mom or change our daughter will not bring us peace of mind. It usually brings us even more frustration and struggle.

To me, peace of mind is connected to our heart and soul.  When we are in tune with our inner selves or true being, we become more accepting and loving towards ourselves, and are more accepting and loving towards others.

Take a moment to think about it…..

When you are feeling good within yourself, does your relationship seem better – or at least bother you less?

Connecting more to your self is the ultimate place to start.

In yoga there is a belief that peace of mind is our natural state and our path is to find our way back to it. When we practice yoga and meditation, if we are lucky (and consistent), we get to experience peace of mind. Knowing that it is there and we can access it, is very powerful. Even if we can’t hold on to it for long.

Over the past year I have been reading and writing about Mother Whisperers, and the journey to find peace in our mother relationships. During this time I have also been practicing yoga and meditation every day.

As I write this I know that I’ve found peace in the relationship with my mother and in my own mind. I believe that yoga has been such an important part of this…. and yes it’s MY yoga practice too.

Namaste 🙂

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