Is Dwelling on the Past Holding you Back?

By Val Boyko • August 16th, 2011

let go of the pastAt Mother Whisperers we’ve been asking the question “Are you still giving your power away to your Mother? and sharing ways to access your internal power.

This can only happen if we come into the present and let of go of things that pull us back into the past.

Here’s a except from a recent Psychology Today article that can help you to stop dwelling in the past.

“Thinking too much about times gone by typically keeps your mind–and life–stuck in neutral (and maybe even shifts it into reverse). If you habitually ruminate over your earlier life, you may regularly be revisited by feelings of anger, guilt, resentment, sorrow, or shame. And such emotions are hardly productive. In many ways, they’re downright toxic. Fretfully obsessing about the people and events precipitating such negative feelings can lead to endless recycling. Becoming increasingly stagnant, or fixated, your thinking really can’t progress toward any adaptive resolution”.

If this resonates with you, then read the full article by clicking here.



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