The #1 Communication Pitfall in Mother Relationships

By Val Boyko • September 20th, 2010

When it comes to daughter mother relationships, why do we keep falling – again and again – into the same communication pitfall?

Experts say that the same issue will keep coming up in order to give us the opportunity to address it. If something is coming up again and again with you, then maybe it’s time to take a different approach…..

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I don’t think we are going insane, but we can become more aware of the patterns of behaviors and communication that aren’t working for us!

#1 Pitfall in Mother Daughter relationships is assuming that we know what the other person is thinking. We think our mothers should understand us, and be able to read our minds. Many mothers also think we should be telepathic and read their minds too!

Photo of Sookie Stackhouse

Most of us are not telepathic!

We are not Sookie Stackhouse, and our mothers aren’t either!

So, now that we are aware, what can we do to avoid this pitfall?

Please tell us what has worked for you!



Great writing, been after something like that!!!


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