Identity – Artist Celia Paul and her Mother and Sisters

By Val Boyko • February 22nd, 2011

Five Sisters by artist Celia PaulAnother way to explore how we daughters see ourselves and our mothers is through art. Artist Celia Paul has made a career out painting portraits of her mother. But her latest exhibition in London, is an exploration of the similarities between her and her four sisters and the identity crisis that large families can cause.

To read the full article from The Independent Newspaper in the UK click here.

Paul was keen to exhibit her work at the Marlborough gallery because it will hang alongside a separate show titled Mothers and Daughters. “I really think this is a subject which hasn’t been explored at all in art. I do think mothers and daughters stay close in a way that is different from mothers and sons. The mother and son motif goes back to Mary and Jesus and is a very familiar subject in art.”

Paul says it is wrench no-longer painting her mother – “It was so much part of a routine her coming to sit for me” – but she sounds cautiously liberated by it, as if no longer painting her mother is forcing her to forge a new artistic identity. The new exhibition is a huge and complimentary tribute to her muse and creator, her mother, but it is also a fledgling flight in a new direction.

See more of the paintings in the Marlborough Fine Art exhibit “Identity – Mothers and Daughters” by clicking here.


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