I could never have that honest conversation with my mother!

By Val Boyko • November 20th, 2010

Have you read the latest story from Dr Susan Campbell about an honest conversation that took years to surface with her mother? You can read it here.

I often hear other women saying, “but I could never have that honest a conversation with my mother. It would hurt her so much….. or…. she would get so angry with me she’d never speak to me again” …. or any number of reasons which seem valid to us at the time.

This reasoning comes from a place of fear within us. Fear of rejection, fear that we will be punished or fear that we will lose our mother’s love. The fear surfaces when we are children (when we really were dependent on our mother) and often sticks with us as adults.

It is possible to have an honest conversation with our mother when we can come to terms with our fear and understand what is really going on.

Dr Susan Campbell has a useful exercise that I have used to get to the truth in a conversation I was putting off. You may find it helpful too. It’s in the resources for our members. (Click here to access the exercise)

p.s. If you aren’t a member yet, then this is a good time to join us 😉


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