How Good A Listener Are You? Take This Self Listening Test And Find Out.

By Val Boyko • July 28th, 2011

woman with eyes closedTo truly listen to someone we must be present – without distractions or interference in our heads.

Its estimated that the average human being has 5,000 thoughts per day. Real thinkers can have over 50,000 thoughts. Now that’s a lot of buzz, interference and distraction going on!

Here is a series of simply tests to try for yourself to see how present and focused your mind is.

At each level, be patient and withhold judging yourself. If your mind wanders simply start over.

Level 1

Count from 1 to 50 in your head. Notice how many times you had to start over. Keep working on it!

Once you have this one down, move on to the next level

Level 2

Count from 50 back to 1.  Notice that a little more concentration is needed here.

Once you can do this easily, move on to level 3.

Level 3

This is a meditation practice that I learned during my yoga teacher training. With your eyes closed bring your attention to the inhales and exhales of your breath.

Count from 50 backwards on each exhalation until you reach 20. After 20, count the numbers on every inhale and exhale until you reach 1.

When you have reached this goal, your mind will be clear of interference. (And you will have learned a lot about patience, commitment and acceptance of your self in the process !!)

Not only will you have learned to listen to yourself, but also to keep your mind focused on a single point. You will be present and ready to truly listen with nothing on your mind.


Val Comment: Keep practicing and you will gain much more than a listening skills. In yoga, meditation is a key step on the path towards enlightenment and connection to our higher Self.  In life, it will bring you clarity and peace of mind – no matter what the situation you are in. Namaste.



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