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What I’ve Learned On My Mother Whisperers Journey

As most of you know, I’ve been on my own Mother Whisperers  journey for the past couple of years. I’d like to share with you what I have learned and where I am now. It started with wanting to understand more about daughters and mothers and how to master this special relationship … and it […]

When An Aging Mother Becomes Hard to Love

John Welwood shares a story about his mother and how over time, an old wound became a  grievance that poisoned everything and took away the joy and beauty in her life. If you are dealing with an aging mother who is difficult to love and its getting you down, then read on. In the book […]

Capturing Your Mother’s Story – Part II The Interview

If interviewing your mother feels daunting to you, here are some different approaches you can take, along with questions to ask. Talking to mother about the family history is usually a good place to start. It becomes natural and easy if we never knew our grandparents, or we want to capture the history as a […]

A Daughter Ends 30 years Of Anger and Resentment Towards Her Mother

Here is a powerful confession and uplifting story for every daughter who becomes a mother, looks at the legacy she wants for her own daughters, and mends her mother relationship. Be inspired to face your truth by writer J.R. Barcyndy in Israel. She writes: “I grew up feeling that I had no mother; she resigned […]

Our Mothers Legacy – Like It or Not!

Whether we have the worst or best of mothers they all give us a legacy. If it was not for them then we wouldn’t be who we are today. Jodie Toohey writes about 6 famous mothers and their legacy with their daughters.

A Daughter’s Caregiving Story

I wanted to share this touching blog at  It’s one woman’s story as a caregiver with her failing Mother. It’s uplifting and real. I love it. It’s never too early to be prepared, and hearing other women’s stories can be so helpful. None of us are alone when it comes to our Mother relationships, […]

James Patterson’s Romantic Novel with Mother Daughter Insights

I’ve just finished reading a book from James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet called “Sundays at Tiffany’s”. It’s a heart warming love story set with a background of a narcissistic mother and talented daughter who wants to be loved, but never feels good enough. What I liked most was that the daughter continued to love her […]

It’s not about my mother – it’s all about me!

In my interviews with women on their mother relationships, I’m finding there are different ways for us to break through into a more fulfilling relationship. Thank you Dorothy for sharing your story. As you said “it wasn’t about my mother at all – it was all about me!” Sometimes we don’t have to have that […]

The Mother Daughter Husband Drama Triangle

Did you read the post on the Mother Daughter Husband Christmas story? We passed the drama triangle roles around between us while we were snowed in for 2 days. The script went like this: “It’s so unfair, I’m the victim! I’m a better victim than you! I want to be the hero! Don’t make me […]

A Mother Daughter Husband Christmas Story – Part 2

Some of you may be wondering how my mother, hubby and I broke free of the drama triangle last Christmas and what happened next….. Here’s part 2 of the story and the start of my journey for peace of mind in my own mother relationship. At the time I didn’t really understand what was going […]

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  • COMMUNICATION QUIZ - Can You Make These Statements?

    Ask yourself if you make any of the following 15 statements. Find out if you are expressing yourself fully and are communicating with openness and presence.
    • SCORING The highest possible score is 30, and the lowest is zero. The higher the score, the higher your likelihood of having success in all your relationships. 0-9: You probably find yourself frustrated in relationships (especially with your mother) more often than you would like. 10-15: You have a high aptitude for relating and are open to learning 16-24: You have good relationship skills. How can you apply them more to your mother relationship? 25-30: Congratulations! Your capacity for present-centered relating is at a very high level.
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