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What I’ve Learned On My Mother Whisperers Journey

As most of you know, I’ve been on my own Mother Whisperers  journey for the past couple of years. I’d like to share with you what I have learned and where I am now. It started with wanting to understand more about daughters and mothers and how to master this special relationship … and it […]

An Unexpected Word That Can Change Your Mother Daughter Relationship

As I finished our last post on sharing our pain without blame, and expressing our feelings,  I remembered a great tip from my mentor coach Jay Perry. As we learn to let go of suppressing our feelings and practice sharing how we feel, there is one simple word that can have a powerful impact. Its […]

Make an Agreement to Make Your Relationship Work

When a mother and daughter commit to working on their relationship together, its important to have common understanding and agreement on things that both of you are willing to commit to doing. This will help you   maintain the integrity of your relationship when the going gets tough. Here are some suggestions. I agree to: 1. […]

Daughters, How to Keep Your True Power – A Final Word About Boundaries

Over the summer I’ve been sharing insights into how we can express our true power as daughters. Today I’ll share a final word of advice. Before I do, here’s a summary of the strategies that we’ve covered so far: 1. Be aware of your interactions and how much your mother is still influencing you. 2. […]

When An Aging Mother Becomes Hard to Love

John Welwood shares a story about his mother and how over time, an old wound became a  grievance that poisoned everything and took away the joy and beauty in her life. If you are dealing with an aging mother who is difficult to love and its getting you down, then read on. In the book […]

Is Dwelling on the Past Holding you Back?

At Mother Whisperers we’ve been asking the question “Are you still giving your power away to your Mother? and sharing ways to access your internal power. This can only happen if we come into the present and let of go of things that pull us back into the past. Here’s a except from a recent […]

Thoughts for Your Next Visit Home To Mom

I’m just back from a visit to Scotland. It was a wonderful trip. Sunny weather always helps of course! I’d like to share some things that came home to me as I came home again…. I hope these will be helpful for you on your next visit to your Mom. Accept that living at a […]

Communication 101 for Daughters and Mothers – #4 The One Word To Avoid When There’s Conflict

Have you experienced a conversation with your mother or daughter, and before you know it, it becomes open warfare? Something has been triggered big time! Today’s tip is to share with you the one word that is sure to push buttons and put the other person on the defensive. Avoid saying  “YOU”! Let me explain…. […]

Communication 101 For Daughters and Mothers – #2 Know Your Intention

Communication is ALL about our intention. Think about it. We communicate in order to: Get attention,  inform,  have our say,  be right,  explore,  be liked,   influence,  relate,  advise,  understand,  win approval,  get our way,  be heard,  convince others …..etc etc. Its estimated that about 90% of communication is about controlling. Most of the time we […]

Throwing Light On The Dark Side Of Mother Daughter Relationships

Have you looked at your dark side recently? Our dark side, or “Shadow Effect” refers to the part of us which is the shadow or disowned part of ourselves that we keep hidden away out of shame or fear. Because we think of it as being “bad” and we don’t want to see ourselves in […]

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  • COMMUNICATION QUIZ - Can You Make These Statements?

    Ask yourself if you make any of the following 15 statements. Find out if you are expressing yourself fully and are communicating with openness and presence.
    • SCORING The highest possible score is 30, and the lowest is zero. The higher the score, the higher your likelihood of having success in all your relationships. 0-9: You probably find yourself frustrated in relationships (especially with your mother) more often than you would like. 10-15: You have a high aptitude for relating and are open to learning 16-24: You have good relationship skills. How can you apply them more to your mother relationship? 25-30: Congratulations! Your capacity for present-centered relating is at a very high level.
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