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Our Mothers Legacy – Like It or Not!

Whether we have the worst or best of mothers they all give us a legacy. If it was not for them then we wouldn’t be who we are today. Jodie Toohey writes about 6 famous mothers and their legacy with their daughters.

Identity – Artist Celia Paul and her Mother and Sisters

Another way to explore how we daughters see ourselves and our mothers is through art. Artist Celia Paul has made a career out painting portraits of her mother. But her latest exhibition in London, is an exploration of the similarities between her and her four sisters and the identity crisis that large families can cause. […]

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher on the Oprah Show

Did you see Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher on the Oprah Winfrey show earlier this week? Carrie shares her struggle as a daughter of a famous mother as well as her addiction issues. What do you think about it? It was moving to hear them share as simply Mom and Daughter. A daughter who has […]

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  • COMMUNICATION QUIZ - Can You Make These Statements?

    Ask yourself if you make any of the following 15 statements. Find out if you are expressing yourself fully and are communicating with openness and presence.
    • SCORING The highest possible score is 30, and the lowest is zero. The higher the score, the higher your likelihood of having success in all your relationships. 0-9: You probably find yourself frustrated in relationships (especially with your mother) more often than you would like. 10-15: You have a high aptitude for relating and are open to learning 16-24: You have good relationship skills. How can you apply them more to your mother relationship? 25-30: Congratulations! Your capacity for present-centered relating is at a very high level.
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