Being Kind to Mom and Ourselves

By Val Boyko • July 11th, 2011

pebble peaceOnly when we truly accept ourselves the way we are and the way our mothers are, will we find peace of mind.

I was reading an earlier post on how it can be difficult being kind to our mothers…. and it hit me that many of us have the same difficulty with being kind to ourselves!

Could it be that we can’t be kind because we can’t accept ourselves the way we are? In other words, our giving of kindness is conditional on us being someone different?

Think about it for a moment….

Are you withholding kindness to yourself because you believe you should be more successful, more intelligent, slimmer, more disciplined, more assertive, more beautiful, more compassionate to others or less critical, less judgmental, less status oriented, less angry. etc. etc.

Are you telling yourself “If I am more …….. then I will show myself more kindness.”?

Kindness can only blossom when we wake up and accept ourselves for who we are.

Its time to let go of conditional kindness.

Let go and start to be kind to the fallible imperfect human being inside of you…. feel compassion for the little girl who went through a lot, at a time when she didn’t know much about life or big people.

girl sharing heartOpen your heart and give her an unconditional loving hug. Its a wonderful gift to give your heart and soul.

Val’s comment: A big hug from me too!


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