“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

By Val Boyko • November 13th, 2010

Today is World Kindness Day (who knew!) and the perfect time to bring more kindness to our relationships – especially between daughters and mothers.
My good friend and colleague Lorraine Marino is working on cultivating a (genuine) kindness movement. So if you feel genuinely moved to do so, consider 3-4 things you can contribute to the building energy of kindness today.

Imagine what could happen is a critical mass of kindness builds around the world tomorrow? Maybe we will feel a ripple?
As the Dalai Lama said: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

o What is a task or chore that your mother or daughter hates to do? Choose to do that task for her.

o Praise kind acts when you see them, especially in your children.

o Is your mother or daughter challenging or difficult for you? Or is there someone you tend to judge harshly? Even if you can’t change your feelings or actions toward them, consider challenging your thoughts — shift how you think about the other. See them through compassionate eyes: what might they be up against? What is the real need under their behavior? Imagine being a defense lawyer and argue for their point of view. What is it you might not understand about them?

o Talk about it. Encourage it. At meal time, talk about kindness. Who did something kind for you today? What did YOU do that was kind?

o Choose to work on seeing what you appreciate about your mother or daughter and those around you. Let go the focus on what they do wrong or imperfectly. Take time to express what you appreciate –verbally or in a short note.

o Is there someone to whom you have treated poorly — or had a moment (more?) or meanness? We all have. Consider where a sincere apology is in order.

Find out more about the World Kindness and what you can do to make a difference at  www.activekindness.com



24 hrs hardly seems enough

Hi Jay – 24hours is just the beginning. Rome wasn’t built in a day either 🙂


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