Announcement – Next Forum Call Wednesday February 9th at 6.30pm

By Val Boyko • February 4th, 2011

What’s Happening to Mom?

invitation to our free forum callMark your calendars for our next forum call on

Wednesday February 9th at 6.30pm ET

Come and join in the discussion on the change in a daughter or son’s  role from care receiver to care giver.

Together we will share our experience and look at answering the following questions:

  • What’s happening to mom?
  • What changes are you noticing in your mother, and what might it mean for you and for her?
  • How is your role as a daughter or son changing?
  • What does the dance of  parent/child and  caregiver/care receiver look like for you?

There will also be time for an open forum for you to ask questions or talk about what’s going on in your Mother Whisperer journey.

You can find the call in information on our site’s Resources Page or  Click Here


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