An Unexpected Word That Can Change Your Mother Daughter Relationship

By Val Boyko • November 2nd, 2011

As I finished our last post on sharing our pain without blame, and expressing our feelings,  I remembered a great tip from my mentor coach Jay Perry.

As we learn to let go of suppressing our feelings and practice sharing how we feel, there is one simple word that can have a powerful impact.

Its so simple and one that works for me! Its a word that stops the the other person in their tracks. It takes them out of their heads and into their hearts. It is especially powerful between mothers and daughters when expressed truthfully in that moment. Its a four letter word that no one like to say.

The next time you feel hurt by the words of your mother or daughter, reveal how you feel by simple saying from your heart:


In that moment a mother can hear the pain of her child and a woman can  hear the pain of an other adult woman. It brings everyone into the present moment with acute awareness.

What happens next depends on the receptivity of the other person.

Even if the other person doesn’t get it or isn’t open to hear our pain, knowing that we have expressed our hurt can be freeing!


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