Accepting Your Narcissistic Mother

By Val Boyko • August 20th, 2011

narcissist momIn reading about maternal narcissism, one of the common issues for daughters of narcissistic mothers is how hard it is to accept that their mothers are not how they had always hoped they would be – accepting Mom as she is not!

Coming to terms with the reality of a “less than perfect”‘ mother is difficult. Especially when she has been telling you all your life how perfect she is….. and society reinforces the same idealistic message about mothers!

Not only do daughters of narcissistic mothers never feel that they are good enough, but they believe that there’s something wrong with them, not their mother. They still believe if only they tried harder or were a better daughter, then their mother would love them more…..

The realization that your mother has a narcissistic personality disorder and is not how you have always seen her is an extremely hard reality to face.

Dr Karyl McBride talks about how this can be shocking for the daughter. However, accepting the reality that your mother has limitations is the crucial first step in the healing process.

Gain more insight, advice and lots of understanding at Dr Karyl McBride’s blog.

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