About Us

mother and newbornOur mothers gave birth to us as a human being and a whole bunch of things. It was a birthing of hopes, dreams, possibilities for the future and a new generation, A birthing of our talent, creativity and beauty. At that moment there were great hopes.  As life goes on things get tangled……

There are mothers who hope for things for the child. Mothers who hope for things for themselves, Mothers who hope for things for themselves through the child. Along the way hopes can get dashed and may be replaced with some disappointment, hurt or unfulfilled dreams.

sad mother with daughterIn our research and interviews, we have found so many daughters who face challenges in their mother relationships: daughters who don’t know who they truly are as adult women; daughters who are still trying to be independent and free from their mothers’ influence;  daughters who keep hoping for their mothers to love them the way they want; daughters who lose their mothers and grieve the loss.

So many of us adult daughters are seeking peace of mind in our mother relationships!

The vision of Mother Whisperers is to inspire adult daughters to create the relationship they want with their mothers and find peace of mind.

What becomes possible with the notion of Mother Whisperers is that mothers and daughters can get together and partner for the future. If that isn’t possible for whatever reason, then they can bring this wisdom to the next generation of young women and lay ground for the future which they may never see.

Mother and DaughterDaughters As Mother Whisperers

Daughters who are Mother Whisperers don’t necessarily gently whisper in our mother’s ear as you might imagine. We also don’t use a leash and dog training  style of  Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer).


You are a Mother Whisperer when:

    1. You become aware of who you are as an adult woman. You claim your internal power to express yourself and love yourself.
    2. You accept that every mother is a human being and woman first. Connect to the the human being in your mother, rather than the role of mother that she played in your life.
    3. You take responsibility for your part in the relationship as a human being and woman.
    4. You think and behave with self confidence, empathy, compassion and kindness.
    5. You know that life isn’t always about happy endings, and “good enough” is truly good enough!
    6. You have this conversation with your own mother or with your daughter and other young women who need to hear this message, so they can claim their power and express their authentic selves.
    7. You take good care of you from now on. You learn to become the mother to yourself that your heart and soul has always yearned for.

Introducing Val Boyko Tiberia

Val is a Scot and an American, living outside of Philadelphia with her new husband and three dogs. She is a certified career and leadership coach who specializes in effective communication. Her vision is for a world where we understand one another, accept differences and are at peace, and it all starts with ourselves! As a coach, Val  works in global corporations and with individuals who are navigating change, want to communicate more effectively and build better relationships. In 2010 Val also became a registered yoga teacher and Mom to a third pup!

Speaking for myself, “As a Mother Whisperer, I drew the line at using a leash and barking collar as I practiced my own mastery with my mother 🙂  Humor has always been an important part of me – as an expression of my joy, and as a way to handle the stresses of life. The ability to laugh at myself and see the lighter side of  life has worked for me. My yoga practice has also taught me how to be fully present, and that has been such a gift in dealing with life’s ups and downs – including my own mother relationship! I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences and more with you on this journey”


Introducing Marlene Durrell

Marlene, a Canadian, is a coach and consultant with The Walmsley Group Inc, in Toronto.  As a consultant, Marlene works with organizations to help them establish integrated leadership strategies to create exceptional results.  As a coach, she works with individuals and teams to help them create the successes they seek.  Of course success in both business and personal life is all about relationships and communication with others.

Speaking for myself, “What I value most in my life are the relationships that I have with family,  friends and business acquaintances and the opportunity to make a difference. I have learned that these are both the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of living.”

As Mother Whisperer Coaches We Are Here To Support You To:

  • Discover your authentic self – who you are outside of the roles that you have been playing in life.
  • Get to know your mother as a human being and woman separate from her role as mother.
  • Learn to handle your emotional reactions and buttons. Learn new ways of communicating including, finding the right words to say and how to approach a difficult conversation.
  • Help your mother to see you as an adult woman, separate from your daughter role.
  • Express yourself and open your heart for a closer connection based on honesty and trust.
  • Redefine and create the relationship you want.
  • Create a legacy for future generations.
  • Access the mother with you, and take the best care of yourself.
Please make an appointment to talk about what's going in your relationship and to see if coaching or our services would help!