A Daughter Ends 30 years Of Anger and Resentment Towards Her Mother

By Val Boyko • April 14th, 2011

Here is a powerful confession and uplifting story for every daughter who becomes a mother, looks at the legacy she wants for her own daughters, and mends her mother relationship. Be inspired to face your truth by writer J.R. Barcyndy in Israel.

She writes:

“I grew up feeling that I had no mother; she resigned herself to the fact that her eldest daughter was lost to her.  Over the years we stopped the cattiness and wars and settled into a kind of cold artificial politeness.  She occasionally came to visit me, albeit with clenched teeth, and I forced myself to visit her, white-knuckling the whole trip.”

And continues later ….

“My anguished cry of “You were never there for me!” withered on my lips as I contemplated the woman who was unfolding before me. Now I acknowledged the truth: that she had truly struggled through an abusive marriage that left her bereft and broken, barely keeping her head above water. She had never hated me or wanted to neglect me; she honestly was fighting to function day by day and only her love for her children had kept her going. Thirty years of pain melted away as we shared our disappointment, our rage, our insecurities, and our shame. I finally saw my mother as she truly was — a strong, brave, loving mother, instead of the cruel, stingy monster I had made her out to be.”

The title of this article is  To Mother, With Love. To read the full story click here



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