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Are You Holding Back from Giving and Receiving Love?

A small hurt that isn’t able to heal can grow into resentment and become a grievance against the other person. We protect our hurt by becoming guarded. By withdrawing and putting up a barrier we feel in control and less fearful about being hurt again. However, being guarded means that we are no longer open to fully feel the pain – or the love. We learn to numb ourselves and it becomes our normal way of being. If this sounds like you, then you are not alone.

James Patterson’s Romantic Novel with Mother Daughter Insights

I’ve just finished reading a book from James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet called “Sundays at Tiffany’s”. It’s a heart warming love story set with a background of a narcissistic mother and talented daughter who wants to be loved, but never feels good enough. What I liked most was that the daughter continued to love her […]

Learn the 7 Key Communication Skills for Honest Conversations

Is Your Mother Competing With You? Is It Time To Say “ENOUGH”?

It’s up to you whether you choose to bring it up in a conversation or not. Some older women in particular may not be able to look within themselves or be able to face the negative aspects of themselves they have been blind to for so long. Look into your heart for the answer to what to do if your mother is competing with you, rather than needing to be right about it.

Events News – Interviews are Happening Now!

As you may know Val is just back from the Gambia and Marlene has been recuperating from an operation….. and so we haven’t planned an event for January. Instead, we’d like to to reach out and connect with those of you who would like to be a part of our research. Would you like to […]

Thanks to Aneal for Starting a Son and Mother Conversation

Sometimes an unexpected encounter with someone can bring to light fresh perspectives. That is what happened when I met a stranger called Aneal at Philadelphia Airport, when I was leaving for the Gambia with a small group of women. Aneal overheard our discussion about Mother Whisperers and our own mother relationships. He introduced himself and […]

The First 3 Steps for Mother Whisperer Daughters

When we started to think about the essential steps in becoming a mother whisperer, we identified 3 important keys: 1. The first is to understand who we really are, and see ourselves more clearly. 2. The second is to understand our mother and see her more clearly. 3. The third is to recognize the relationship […]

Is your Mother a Narcissist? Take Dr. Karyl McBride’s quiz to find out

Narcissism is a spectrum disorder with the most severe end of the spectrum considered a narcissistic personality disorder. A woman can have several narcissistic traits and not fit the personality disorder. Mothers with only a few traits listed can negatively affect their daughters in insidious ways which is explained in Dr. Karyl’s book. (Check all […]

Warning: Mother Daughter Grievance Damages Your Health.

Once we recognize that we have a grievance against our mother, what can we do about it?

Learn to Speak Up – Before the Conflict Erupts!

Have you noticed that the drama triangle and family conflicts usually erupt when we have failed to say what we really wanted to earlier on? At the time we don’t express our thoughts and feelings about what aggravates or upsets us.  Just like a pressure cooker, we keep the resentment in and the pressure builds, […]

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  • COMMUNICATION QUIZ - Can You Make These Statements?

    Ask yourself if you make any of the following 15 statements. Find out if you are expressing yourself fully and are communicating with openness and presence.
    • SCORING The highest possible score is 30, and the lowest is zero. The higher the score, the higher your likelihood of having success in all your relationships. 0-9: You probably find yourself frustrated in relationships (especially with your mother) more often than you would like. 10-15: You have a high aptitude for relating and are open to learning 16-24: You have good relationship skills. How can you apply them more to your mother relationship? 25-30: Congratulations! Your capacity for present-centered relating is at a very high level.
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