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More insights from my road trip with my mother

In my last post I shared some personal insights from my road trip with my mother. What I’ve come to also realize is that there is an unexpected gift that I can share with you. The gift is the full acceptance that if my mother wasn’t my mother, then I would not be who I […]

Top 10 Tips for Successful Mother Daughter Road Trips

Here are some of the things that made the trip work for both of us. They may not apply to your own mother relationship, but I hope you can relate to some of them! 1. Have a GPS system, even when the navigator has been reading maps all her life, an impartial reference prevents open […]

Insights from my road trip with my mother

It definitely wasn’t Thelma and Louise! I was away last week, spending some special time with my mother who came over from Scotland.  We had decided on a road trip to see the colors in New England. I had my Mother Whisperer hat on and wanted to share what I learned with you. Have you […]

The 2nd Step for ALL Mother Whisperer Daughters

STEP 2 Ask yourself, “Who is my Mother?” Get to know your mother with fresh eyes as a human being and adult woman, rather than through the eyes of a daughter. When we see our mother through the eyes of others and not solely through our own eyes, it opens us up to relate to […]

While We’re talking About Taboos – What about the D word?

I’ve been speaking to friends whose Mothers have passed, and have interviewed several women who wanted to talk about their mother relationship while she was alive, and how it is now that she is dead. I have found these conversations to be poignant, touching, funny, sad, reassuring and uplifting! Thank you so much for sharing […]

The 1st Key Step for ALL Mother Whisperer Daughters

Where do you start the journey as a Mother Whisperer? Marlene and I have identified 3 essential steps to begin the process of transforming the relationship with our mothers and some tips to get you off to a great start. Today we’ll share the first step. STEP 1 Ask yourself  “Who am I?” Get to know yourself and […]

Deborah Tannen’s Take on Mothers and Daughters Communication

I came across a great article from Deborah Tannen which summarizes her book “You’re Wearing That? – Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation.” Marlene and I highly recommend it and will be glad to open up a conversation about it on our next forum call. In the article – and book – Deborah shares her […]

When I Married My Mother Memoir

I came across this touching video trailer from Jo Maeder, about how she fell in love with her mother as her mother grew old and frail and she changed her life completely and took care of her. Thank you for sharing your story Jo! You are in the Mother Whispering Hall of Fame! [videofile][/videofile]

UK Poll Suggests Mothers are Harder on Daughters

I  saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you should see it. < > What do you think? Does it hold true here in the US? …. and what was this little girl thinking that gave her that expression!?! …. and what did she grow up to be? …. and what […]

The Generation Gap with our Mothers

Q. We all expect some difference between generations – but how come it’s so hard for us Baby Boomer daughters?!? A. We have less in common than the generations before us. Let’s look at reality here! Tremendous changes took place in the latter part of the the twentieth century. If you grew up then, you […]

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  • COMMUNICATION QUIZ - Can You Make These Statements?

    Ask yourself if you make any of the following 15 statements. Find out if you are expressing yourself fully and are communicating with openness and presence.
    • SCORING The highest possible score is 30, and the lowest is zero. The higher the score, the higher your likelihood of having success in all your relationships. 0-9: You probably find yourself frustrated in relationships (especially with your mother) more often than you would like. 10-15: You have a high aptitude for relating and are open to learning 16-24: You have good relationship skills. How can you apply them more to your mother relationship? 25-30: Congratulations! Your capacity for present-centered relating is at a very high level.
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