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We started this blog to support women in mastering this special relationship that is like no other. We soon found that men were also looking for insights and advice, and so we opened up the community to everyone.
Our mission is to help you find peace of mind in your mother relationships: whether you want to transform the current relationship you have with your mother, prepare for future challenges, end a legacy of mother daughter unhappiness or find peace if your mother is no longer here.
Please join our group and share your journey.


  • Last summer we launched "Communication 101 Series for Daughters and Mothers". Here, we answered the question "How do I communicate with my mother in order to build a better relationship?". Use the search option to find some great posts and resources!
  • NEW - Check out "Are you Giving Your power Away" quiz!

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  • Our latest story comes from an interview Val had with Dr Susan Campbell. Her experience shows us that that it's never too late to have that Honest Conversation With Our Mother and we may be surprised by what it can open up!
  • Find out more about Susan Campbell's Getting Real approach here.
  • We'll be exploring more about having that (dreaded) honest conversation with our mothers this month in our blog posts and tips!
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    Denise McGregor in her book “Mama Drama” defines our power as “The ability to express ourselves as autonomous individuals.” Are you still struggling in some way for independence and self expression? Are you If so, you are not alone!
    Take the quiz below to help you to assess how you are giving your power away to your mother.

    Are you still giving your power away to your mother?

    Please make an appointment to talk about what's going in your relationship and to see if coaching or our services would help!

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